Shanghai Community Radio Next gen

Congratulations to our 2020 Next Generation grantees! 

The Next Generation is a programme created specifically for and with young people (ages 15-30). Through this programme we sought applications for one-year projects for and by young people to build more inclusive, open-minded societies and provide safe spaces for young people to create their own narratives which can help people see their world in new and different ways. The 2020 call was open to applications from Asia and Eastern Europe. The selected proposals for the 2020 Next Generation call are: 

Identidad: 2020 Riles Art Project, Sining Banwa, Philippines

Metabolic Modules, Ghost in the Field, Thailand

Talk-Talk-Vilion 2020, Speedy Grandma, Thailand

Waiting for the Better Future, Atelie22, Montenegro

Mapping Chinese Feminism, China

I know my truth better than you, Kathmandu Triennale, Nepal

Fem Workshop Almaty, Kazakhstan

Layar Berkembang, Kemudi Diputar, Gulung Tukar, Indonesia

Our school KHTZ, Open Place, Ukraine

Film Change-Makers, Kinoket Productions, Armenia

Reimagining the Radio, Drishti, India

The Museum of Lost Space, Habiburrachman, Indonesia

Shanghai Community Radio Online Music/Arts Festival, China

Studying Independent Publishing Practice in Java, Indisczinepartij, Indonesia

CONVERSATIONS: young women challenging cultural and gender norms in the Balkans, FEMIX, Serbia

Sister Press, Sister Library, India

Queering Dalit, Dalit Queer Project, India

ISHI, Project Kharak, India

Camping the trash-out, Museum of Popular and Subcultures, Serbia

Imagining Utopias: Queer Past, Present and Futures, Amra Odbhuth Collective, India

VAST NXT generation, VAST Voluntary Artists' Studio, Thimpu, Bhutan Reading Room,, Uzbekistan

Photo: Shanghai Community Radio