CBF Seal of Approval (CBF keurmerk)

The Prince Claus Fund is accredited with ANBI status and a CBF seal of approval. The Central Bureau on Fundraising (CBF) is an independent foundation that promotes trustworthy fundraising and expenditure by reviewing fundraising organisations and giving information and advice to government institutions and the public.

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What is the CBF seal of approval? This seal of approval is a recognition of charities by CBF, the Dutch Charities Regulator. Organisations recognized by the CBF have shown that they comply with strict quality requirements. Of course, the requirements of larger organisations differ from those of smaller organisations. Approximately 80 percent of private monetary donations are currently under the supervision of the CBF. You can safely give to a CBF-approved charity because you can assume that the organisation contributes to a better world, treats every euro with care, is accountable, and is subject to independent evaluation.

Transparency at a glance: The CBF passport 

The CBF passport presents the most important information about a recognized charity in a clear and neutral way: Transparency at a glance. The passport contains both qualitative information on the organisation's objectives and activities as financial indicators. The latter have been verified by the CBF. Through this button you can view our CBF Passport:

In keeping the standards set forth by the CBF, please find below the Prince Claus Fund's Code of Conduct (Gedragscode), Statutes (Statuten), Working Conditions (Arbeidsvoorwaarden), and Pay Scales (Salarisschalen) for 2018. Please note these official documents are only available in Dutch. The remuneration policy for staff is regulated in the Working Conditions, article 5 and 7. The remuneration of the director is included in the annual report and meets the CBF standard.  

More information about CBF can be found here. More information about ANBI status can be found here (in Dutch).