The Prince Claus Awards

Since its establishment in 1996, the Prince Claus Fund has offered annual Awards in recognition of outstanding achievement in the fields of culture and development. This we have done as part of our mandate to support, honour and connect cultural practitioners working under pressure in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe.

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As of 2021 we have launched a new strategy where we have put our Awards at the centre of our work. We have reimagined the Prince Claus Awards to fit with the current needs of cultural practitioners around the world. The Prince Claus Awards will strengthen the impact of our work and focus on recognising individuals at three crucial moments in their careers. To achieve this the Prince Claus Fund will give out three different Awards, which are meant to reinforce individual careers at three different stages of their development, and promote growth, experimentation and sustainability in creative practices across the globe.

The three Awards are: the Prince Claus Seed Awards, the Prince Claus Mentorship Awards and the Prince Claus Impact Awards.


Each year the Prince Claus Fund grants 100 Seed Awards to artists and cultural practitioners in the first five years of their careers. Through this we support the career development of emerging artists and cultural practitioners, whose innovative work engages with pressing social and/or political issues within their own local context. With the Seed Awards we aim to contribute to flourishing arts scenes globally, where starting artists can contribute their vision and develop their practice on their own terms. 

The Call for Applications for the Seed Awards is open once a year and is open to artists/individuals from our working countries who are in the first 1-5 years of their careers. The Seed Award recipients are announced in December each year. 


Through the Mentorship Awards the Prince Claus Fund annually supports 35 individuals to participate in one of our thematic Mentorship. The Mentorship Awards are aimed at accelerating the careers of artists and cultural practitioners by creating space for them to learn, grow, experiment and test out new ideas - both individually and with their peers in the Mentorship. The themes of the Mentorships focus on pressing social issues, and allow for international learning, collaboration and cross-fertilisation between artists and cultural practitioners from a range of backgrounds, regions and disciplines. 

Our Mentorships are carried out in collaboration with partner organisations. Together we design the programming that responds to challenges the world is facing. 

We have around three Mentorships annually, which each have a specific Open Call. These Mentorships are open to individuals from our working countries with relevant interests and experience. Mentorship Award recipients are on average in the 5-15 years of their careers. 


Unlike the Seed Awards and Mentorship Awards, the Prince Claus Impact Awards is given every other year. Once in two years, the Prince Claus Fund recognises 6 trailblazing artists and cultural practitioners with Impact Awards. The Impact Awards are awarded to individuals whose cultural actions have a positive impact on their societies, and highlight significant contributions in regions where resources or opportunities for cultural expression are limited. With the Impact Awards we recognise emerging leaders in their field who have shown transformative power, consistent dedication and engagement within their contexts and beyond. Their diverse practices are of high quality, innovative and artistically interesting, and deal in new and creative ways with pressing social and/or political issues. 

For the Impact Awards the Prince Claus Fund invites cultural experts from its global network to nominate candidates. An international & interdisciplinary Jury makes the selection of the final 6 Impact Award recipients. 


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