The Prince Claus Awards

Since its establishment in 1996, the Prince Claus Fund has offered Awards in recognition of outstanding achievement in the fields of culture and development. This we have done as part of our mandate to support, connect and celebrate artists and cultural practitioners working under pressure in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe. 

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The numerous global challenges we face today require new systems and solutions. People need positive inspiration and the arts can offer new and transformative ideas that stimulate societal change. Arts and culture can create space for dialogue and inclusion, for critical reflection, innovation and new perspectives. For the Prince Claus Fund the ‘transformative power of culture’ is key, we believe the strength of art lies in its inherent ability to affect and inspire people and strive to support artistic and cultural practices that spark positive social change. We stand firm with those who create, who believe in the transformative power of culture, who advance new ideas and develop new perspectives.

Today we continue with this same mission, and since 2021 our Awards have become the centre of our work. The Prince Claus Awards are designed to fit the needs of cultural practitioners and artists around the world. The Fund gives out three different Awards, each aimed at a different stage of an individual's development. These Awards recognise transformative engagement and support talent at crucial stages, to boost professional development and enable experimentation. The Awards are aimed at creating space for new perspectives on social and/or political issues and maximise the possibility of sparking societal transformation through culture. We invest in exchanges amongst our international network, and facilitate meaningful connections that are a valuable source of encouragement and solidarity, and a unique opportunity for professional networking.

Our three Awards are:

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Prince Claus Seed Awards

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Prince Claus Mentorship Awards

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Prince Claus Impact Awards

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Prince Claus Awards 1997 - 2020