Prince Claus Mentorship Awards

Each year the Prince Claus Fund gives around 50 Mentorship Awards to artists and cultural practitioners further along in their careers. 

The awards are designed to strengthen the artistic responses of individuals to urgent social issues through mentoring programmes. The Prince Claus Mentorship Awards are aimed at supporting mid-career talent, accelerating socially engaged art practices and facilitating meaningful connections between creatives working on similar themes. In this way, the Fund is creating space for individuals to learn, grow, experiment and test out new ideas - both individually and with their peers.  

Each mentorship is offered with a collaborating partner organisation and is based on a theme. Open calls for our mentorships will be published at different times during the year and themes may change from year to year, and depending on collaborations and thematic choices.

Currently the Mentorship Award themes and collaborating partners are:

Arko Datto Mentorship Awards 2

Image © Arko Datto