Prince Claus Mentorship Awards

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Each year the Prince Claus Fund gives around 35 Mentorship Awards through which we support individuals to participate in one of our thematic mentorship programmes. We offer multiple mentorships that strengthen artistic responses to urgent social issues and highlight the positive and transformative power of culture. 

The Prince Claus Mentorship Awards are aimed at supporting emerging talent, accelerating socially engaged art practices and facilitating meaningful connections between creatives working on similar themes. In this way, the Fund is creating space for individuals to learn, grow, experiment and test out new ideas - both individually and with their peers.  

The Prince Claus Mentorship Awards provide the opportunity to participate in one of the mentorships organised by the Prince Claus Fund in collaboration with partner organisations. These are:  

Further opportunities to be announced soon.

The themes of our mentorships are decided on the basis of their relevance, impact and urgency. At the Fund we constantly monitor global and regional socio-political trends and the needs of cultural practitioners. We partner with like-minded institutions in order to develop mentorships that address future challenges and advance new perspectives.   

The Open Calls for Prince Claus Mentorship Awards will be announced at different times of year and published on our website.

Every two years we celebrate the Prince Claus Mentorship Award recipients in Amsterdam. For this, the Fund organises a week of inspiring events focussed on exchanges and peer to peer connections, where the participants of our mentorships can interact not only with each other but also with a larger group of young & like-minded individuals. The week culminates with a final celebration in the Royal Palace in Amsterdam.

                                                 Image © Thana Faroq