25 Years 25 hours

In December the Prince Claus Fund will be celebrating its 25th anniversary with a festival!


25 years condensed in 24 hours online, ending in a final 25th live hour in the Royal Palace Amsterdam. Celebrating human agency, with people who have inspired the Fund. An archive of trans-local realities presented in keynotes, digital workshops, films, music, visual galleries, architectural dialogues, panels, cultural reports and public interventions.

Not just a look back, but a focus forward on the potential of planetary consciousness, or in the words of a philosopher Achille Mbembe, “an ethics for a common custodianship of the Earth,” seen through a differentiated practice of care and repair for specific contexts, creating a multiplicity of ‘local worlds’ in the new international, beyond the pandemic.

Curated by internationally acclaimed performance director and curator Ong Keng Sen and featuring contributions from Achille Mbembe, public intellectual, writer and philosopher Djamila Ribeiro, prize-winning architect Simón Vélez, dancer and choreographer Dada Masilo, cartoonist Zapiro and many others.

Follow us for updates - more information will be announced soon!


Image: 2003 Prince Claus Laureate Carlinhos Brown at the Carnival in Salvador in 2002 with Group "Arrastão". Courtesy of Carlinhos Brown.