By the Prince Claus Fund & Goethe-Institut


Image courtesy of 2022 Mentorship Awardee Prin Rodriguez

The Prince Claus Fund, in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut, is pleased to announce the 12 Award recipients of the 2023 Mentorship Award: Cultural & Artistic Responses to the Environmental Crisis.

The impact of the climate crisis is being experienced globally, affecting millions in various ways and magnitudes. Whilst the effects are increasingly apparent everywhere, it is the Global South that is disproportionally faced with the most extreme outcomes of our climate collapse – once again exposing the social and political inequalities entrenched within our societies. 

The Mentorship Award for Cultural & Artistic Responses to the Environmental Crisis brings together 12 mid-career artists and cultural practitioners from around the world in a year-long interdisciplinary programme with a focus on climate justice and the connection between the climate crisis and the social, racial, and environmental issues in which it is deeply entangled. 

The group is supported by five mentors as well as their peers and work at accelerating their engaged community-based practices addressing environmental issues. The 2023 cohort is guided by scientist and gender diversity advocate Brigitte Baptiste; Etcétera Collective formed by Loreto Garín Guzman & Federico Zukerfeld ; artist and technologist Irene Agrivina; and architect and gardener Benji Boyadgian. This year's participants work in a variety of disciplines, from architecture, photography, and visual arts to biotech, sound art, and research, with most spanning multiple practices. 

The group hails from 12 different countries, including Algeria, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mozambique, Palestine and South Africa. 

Get to know the artists

Profile 1

Dan Li | China

Multidisciplinary artist bringing together the study of spatial production and contemplations on media.

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Marianne Fahmy | Egypt

Visual artist reexamining history and proposing possibilities for new beginnings.

Profile pic 2023 12 15 100738 xebm

Lapdiang Syiem | India

Theatre artist reinterpreting and adapting Khasi folklore and oral narratives into a contemporary context.

Mohamed Sleiman Labat Credit Julian Salinas

Mohamed Sleiman Labat | Alrgeria

Multidisciplinary artist exploring the issues that affect his local community in the Hamada desert.

Monica Naranjo Uribe Nomada Ediciones

Monica Naranjo Uribe | Colombia

Multidisciplinary artist, editor, and researcher interested in exploring territories as living bodies.


Nana Opoku (AFROSCOPE) | Ghana

Artist and designer amalgamating alternative ways of existence in his ongoing quest to decolonize imagination.

Nova Profile2024 By Gevi Noviyanti

Nova Ruth Setyaningtyas | Indonesia

Singer, musician and activist on a mission to foster resilience to climate change and reconnect people with the sea.

Sharon Chin photo2

Sharon Chin | Malaysia

Artist, curator, and activist positioning the body as a locus for action, engaging with place, history, and language.


Sofía Acosta | Ecuador

Interdisciplinary artist challenging gender narratives and exploring a post-extractivist art proposal.

Z Kby Neo Baepi

Zayaan Khan | South Africa

Storyteller and multidisciplinary artist working in food justice, land justice, and seed justice.

Tareq profile picture

Tareq Khalaf | Palestine

Design educator, filmmaker, and cultural activist interested in indigenous and seasonal ways of living.

Yara Costa oficial foto

Yara Costa | Mozambique

Artist, filmmaker, and storyteller advocating for the urgent need to refocus on local oral traditions.