Etcetera Argentina/Chile

Etcétera Collective (1997, Argentina/Chile) - Federico Zukerfeld & Loreto Garín Guzman.

Formed in 1997 in Buenos Aires, Etcétera is a multidisciplinary collective composed of visual artists, poets, and performers. Since 2007 it has been led by co-founders Loreto Garín Guzmán (Chile) and Federico Zukerfeld (Argentina). 

In 2005, they were part of the founding of the International Errorist movement, an international organization that proclaims error as a philosophy of life. In addition to participating in exhibitions in museums and biennials, they often work with street art, public interventions, actions, and performances that are necessarily contextual, ephemeral, and circumstantial. 

Etcétera were Prince Claus Fund Laureates in 2015. Their work has been recognized for its denouncement of human rights and environmental abuses through theatrical and poetic actions and statements often exercised at personal risk.

Report from the 2015 Prince Claus Awards Committee here.