Lapdiang Syiem Mentorship Awards recipient

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  • Cultural & Artistic Responses to the Environmental Crisis


  • Artistic Research
  • Performance
  • Theater


  • India

Lapdiang Artimai Syiem is a theatre artist based in Meghalaya, India. Lapdiang received her training from the National School of Drama in New Delhi and the Commedia School in Copenhagen, specializing in physical theatre. Her practice has been inspired by Khasi folklore and oral narratives, reinterpreting and adapting them into a contemporary context. As a performer, Lapdiang’s work draws inspiration from poetry and involves using her body for physical expression. Her productions explore notions of identity, gender, and transcultural relationships, reflecting on her role as a contemporary artist in Meghalaya. 

Through her body, the exploration of space, and the medium of poetry, Lapdiang’s work continues to challenge the realities around her matrilineal community, which has been influenced by various factors over the years, such as rat-hole mine incidents, Welsh Missionaries introducing the written script to an oral community, and the rights of Khasi women. In addition to her performances, she has delivered lectures and conducted theatre workshops both within the country and abroad. She is also navigating motherhood with a newborn baby and exploring how it influences her artistic journey and practice.