Dan Li Mentorship Awards recipient

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  • Cultural & Artistic Responses to the Environmental Crisis


  • Artistic Research
  • Sound Art
  • Video Art


  • China (People's Republic of)

Dan Li is an artist based in the People’s Republic of China. She has an educational background in biology and philosophy and has worked as a journalist.

In her work, Dan employs various media including video, sound, performance, interactive websites, video games, and installations. Her projects bring together the study of spatial production and contemplations on media. Dan is intrigued by the interstitial realms between existence and non-existence, those spaces that always seem just out of reach but still leave their marks. Through these spaces, her projects explore shifts in geographic imagination, Orientalist exoticization, and the structure of perception, while her methodology also revolves around presenting the issue of sandstorms and desertification in an imaginative manner. "The Politics of Sand" is her long-term project.

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