MENTORSHIP AWARDS Cultural & Artistic Responses to Environmental Change

By the Prince Claus Fund & Goethe-Institut

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The Prince Claus Fund together with the Goethe-Institut has announced 12 Award recipients of the 2022 Mentorship Awards for Cultural & Artistic Responses to Environmental Change.

Floods and forest fires, storms and disappearing species: the climate crisis is being felt everywhere around the globe. Artists and cultural practitioners are responding to the crisis, engaging their communities, proposing inventive solutions and imagining alternative futures. 

The Mentorship Awards for Cultural & Artistic Responses to Environmental Change bring together 12 mid-career artists and cultural practitioners from around the world in a year-long interdisciplinary programme. They are supported by four mentors as well as their peers and work at accelerating their engaged community-based practices addressing environmental issues. 

The group is guided by: scientist and gender diversity advocate Brigitte Baptiste; Etcétera Collective formed by Federico Zukerfeld & Loreto Garín Guzman and artist and academic Serkan Taycan.

This year’s Awardees work in a variety of disciplines, from architecture, photography and visual arts to biotech, sound art and research, with most working in multiple disciplines. They come from 11 different countries, including Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Uganda, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan, India, China and the Philippines.

Get to know the artists

Siraji Koloto Portrait

Koloto Siraji | Uganda

Multidisciplinary artist, teacher and researcher. Mainly focused on dance and exploring the bagisu philosophies of dance and art, his practice embraces and celebrates the bagisu cultures through the lens of modernity.

Renzo Alva Hurtado Portrait

Renzo Alva Hurtado | Peru

Activist, visual artist and documentary filmmaker focused on developing participatory audiovisual projects in the northern Peruvian Amazon, mainly in communities affected by oil and mining pollution.

Guely Morato Loredo Portrait

Guely Morató Loredo | Bolivia

Curator, sound artist and researcher, M.Sc in Education and Technology, Morato's artistic practices focus on exploring and systematising collective creation processes and promoting a culture of listening.

Tamzyn Botha Portrait

Limb - Tamzyn Botha | South Africa

Interdisciplinary artist whose work indulges play and improvisation through the mediums of video, sculpture, performance and costume all in the realms of DIY.

K68 A4012 cortado

Maya Quilolo | Brazil

Artist & researcher interested in multidisciplinary investigations that address the potentialities of the black body, and the intersections between art, anthropology and indigenous heritage.

Benji Boyadgian Portrait

Benji Boyadgian | Palestine

His research-based projects explore themes revolving around perception, heritage, territory, architecture and landscape.

Long Pan Portrait M

Long Pan | China

Artist and researcher interested in human traces deposited in nature, both in living organisms and in the environment, seeking connections between the microscopic reality and human society.

Prin Rodriguez Portrait

Prin Rodriguez | Peru

Photographer whose work is linked to representing identity and family legacy, seeking experimental and sensory narratives.

Paribartana Mohanty

Paribartana Mohanty | India

Multimedia artist, working with video, storytelling, writing and painting. His recent work explores new environment-disaster-landscapes emerging near the coast of Bay of Bengal in Odisha.

Razcel Jan Salvarita Portrait

Razcel Jan Salvarita | Philippines

Transdisciplinary creative activist whose creative endeavors reflect the convergence of the three pillars he primarily works on: creative healing expressions, sustainable sacred ecology and practical, mindful spirit vitality.

Daniel Godínez Nivón Portrait

Daniel Godínez Nivón | Mexico

Visual artist whose practice is linked to processes of social participation related to collective knowledge and education.

Bermet Borubaeva Portrait

Bermet Borubaeva | Kyrgyzstan

Multidisciplinary artist, curator, urban environmentalist, labour rights activist, and co-founder of the Bishkek School of Contemporary Art (BiSCA).