Long Pan Mentorship Awards recipient

Long Pan Portrait M
7 丝线
A 风铃


  • Cultural and Artistic Responses to Environmental Change


  • Video Art
  • Visual Art
  • Other(s)


  • China (People's Republic of)

Long Pan is a Chinese artist and researcher interested in human traces deposited in nature, both in living organisms and in the environment. Her work seeks connections between the microscopic reality with human society to explore a widely connected network. Pan often uses fungi and plants as creative materials and translates biotechnology related to environmental science into the language of artistic creation. In recent works, she used techniques such as “plant alchemy” and “fungal degradation” to transform the invisible alienation qualities of the environment into forms that can be seen and felt by humans. Pan’s creative media include but are not limited to biological sculpture, installation, video and photography. She holds a bachelor’s and master's degree from the China Academy of Art.

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