Razcel Jan Salvarita Mentorship Awards recipient

Razcel Jan Salvarita Portrait
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  • Cultural and Artistic Responses to Environmental Change


  • Photography
  • Media/Journalism
  • Performance
  • Visual Art


  • Philippines
Razcel Jan Salvarita, known as Raz, is a transdisciplinary creative activist who resides at Baryo Balangaw on the island of Panay in the Philippines. His creative endeavours reflect the convergence of the three pillars he primarily works on: creative healing expressions, sustainable sacred ecology and practical, mindful spirit vitality. Raz has organised many projects around the intersection between arts, climate justice and community, and has won several fellowships and grants worldwide. He completed a degree in Mass Communication with a Certificate in Environmental Journalism at Silliman University, and in 2018 Raz presented a TEDx Talk on rtivism: Effecting Environmental Consciousness through Art
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