Introducing the NextGen Partners

The NextGen partnerships include art & culture organisations from many countries that do exceptional work with and for young people in a variety of disciplines. Organisations selected for the Partnership are supported both financially and in capacity development. They receive a grant for three years to build on their existing activities and roll out new projects.


The Next Generation Programme is interested in fostering more inclusive, peaceful and open-minded societies. Our partners interpret and work towards these aims in various ways, but each of them provides young people with physical and virtual safe spaces for expression, where they can come together, meet, talk and create. The projects carried out through the Partnerships engage young people in many cultural disciplines, from podcasting and journalism to music and theatre. In addition, the organisations will form an active network of young and creative peers who together will be the public face of the Next Generation programme and will join the Prince Claus Fund in December for the first ever NextGen Meetup.

Meet our NextGen Partners