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Magamba Network is Zimbabwe’s leading creative organization, and works on the cutting edge of culture, activism, new media and innovation. Magamba was founded in 2007 and its mission is to use creative forms of youth activism to open up democratic space in Zimbabwe. Through its four main projects; the Shoko Festival, Moto Republik, B. The Media and Magamba TV, Magamba works towards a free and just Zimbabwe with participatory democracy, strong alternative media and a thriving creative economy. 

"A debilitated economy means a disenfranchised youth population focusing more on bread and butter issues and disengaging from other avenues that could positively impact their daily lives and future prospects. This is what makes the strengthening of creative platforms that promote freedom of expression, inclusion and alternative narratives central to the definition of a new and democratic Zimbabwe."  

Magamba’s work through the NextGen Partnership will focus on the building up of networks among creative safe spaces in Southern Africa. In addition to the expansion and formalization of a network of cultural spaces, they will set up exchanges between young creatives through annual residencies and artist tours within the region, as well as a series of workshops and trainings. The network will focus each year on one of three specific performing arts – comedy, hip-hop and poetry.