Africulturban NextGen Partner


Association Africulturban is a hip-hop and urban culture organisation based in Senegal, that focuses on creating an environment that is conducive to musical creation, the organisation of festivals and professional training in alternative education. Their aim is to contribute to the social reconciliation of marginalised youths and promote the development of urban cultures that are inclusive and offer opportunities for young people to find a voice. 

“Acute observers of the evils and virtues of large urban areas…young people active in social innovation, urban and digital culture define themselves as actors with different modes of artistic expression but are all sharing the urban lifestyle as a source of inspiration.”

Within the NextGen Partnership, Africulturban will create a formalised network of hip-hop centres working with young people across the region. This network, called The Urban Platform, will be based on longstanding relationships and will help create a structure in which the organisations can work together to implement projects reflecting the needs of young people and giving them chances to define themselves.