By the Prince Claus Fund & British Council


© 2022 Seed Awardee Ankur Yadav, "Orbiting the Black Sun" (2019)

The Prince Claus Fund and British Council are pleased to announce the 12 Award recipients of Cycle 1 of the Mentorship Award: Moving Narratives!

Dominant worldviews tend to exclude nonconforming experiences and perspectives, often silencing critical voices, and overlooking or overemphasizing differences. Artists and cultural practitioners possess the power to challenge these worldviews by moving our understanding of the past and visions of the future toward more liberating horizons.

The Mentorship Award: Moving Narratives will bring together 12 mid-career artists and cultural practitioners from around the world in a year-long interdisciplinary programme with an aim to nurture critical methodologies and artistic strategies focused on re-examining histories and cultivating emancipatory imaginations. 

The cohort hails from 12 different countries and works across a kaleidoscope of disciplines, such as (fiction) writing, curatorial practices, performance art, visual arts, film, sound art, and archival research. The group will be guided by historian, educator and exhibition maker, Samia Henni; artist and writer, Haig Aivazian; journalist and chief editor of Kosovo 2.0, Besa Luci; and philosopher Rohit Goel


Photo Victoria Tomaschko 1

Abdeslam Ziou Ziou | Morocco

Researcher and art consultant addressing the multiple modalities of writing art history that emerge from a particular territory and context.


Abdul Halik Azeez | Sri Lanka

Multidisciplinary artist and organizer delving into the interplay among technologies of power, contemporary culture, lived experiences, and media.

Profpic Dian Suci

Dian Suci Rahmawati | Indonesia

Multi-media artist highlighting multifaceted issues on the domestication of women’s politics, authoritarianism and fascism, patriarchy, and capitalism. 

Profile picture

Alf Bojórquez | Mexico

Writer and musician focusing on how art can make us desire and shape a radical future through narrative, fiction, radio and sound art.

Devadeep Profile

Devadeep Gupta | India

Interdisciplinary artist exploring regional ecological uncertainties, critically examining institutionalized histories and contemporary mainstream perspectives.

Tarazi portrait

Alfred Tarazi | Lebanon

Artist and designer articulating the spectacle of war as a syntax of the unimaginable, highlighting the role of the past as both origin and destination.

Profile Picture

Katie Numi Usher | Belize

Multidisciplinary artist exploring Blackness and interrogating Black female erasure within both the colonial history of Belize and the present day.

Mariano Pozzi Profile Pic bw

Mariano Pozzi | Argentina

Image and sound designer taking scenes and themes from the past and present to rethink both in terms of human rights for a more equalitarian future.

Portrait Ngoc Nau

Ngoc Nau | Viet Nam

New media artist using real stories of daily life to find ways to build connections between the larger system and her own community.

Foto 1

Elyla | Nicaragua

Performance artist and activist creating resistance to colonial and imperialist ideologies around the construction of identity and nation-state narratives.

Keren Lasme photographed by Nuits Balnéaires

Keren Lasme | Côte d’Ivoire

Artist, writer, literary curator, and researcher reclaiming the dreamscape and shares fragments of wonder, beauty and mystery.

Mark Teh

Mark Teh | Malaysia

Performance maker, researcher, and curator addressing the issues and entanglements of history, memory, counter-cartography, and the political.