Devadeep Gupta Mentorship Awards recipient

Devadeep Profile
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  • Moving Narratives


  • Artistic Research
  • Criticism
  • Visual Art


  • India

Devadeep Gupta is an interdisciplinary artist based in India. Devadeep’s work is centred around the exploration of regional ecological uncertainties, critically examining institutionalized histories and contemporary mainstream perspectives. Inspired by site-specific occurrences, ancestral traditions and archival history, he explores layers of the intricate relationship between people and their land. Devadeep aims to question state-induced development-centric initiatives that tend to disregard the delicate web of coexistence embedded in local cultural contexts.

Devadeep holds a MFA degree from Bauhaus University in Weimar. Currently, he works in Guwahati, Assam. Through his collective, Northeast Lightbox, Devadeep focuses on a collaborative approach towards activating non-mainstream state archives through artistic translations and interventions. Extending beyond his personal practice, he works together with fellow practitioners to develop and nurture an incubatory local artistic ecosystem.

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