2023 Seed Awards Recipients Announced

We are excited to announce the 100 Prince Claus Seed Awards recipients—100 inspiring artists and cultural practitioners whose work imagines new realities and inspires positive change.

In a world that continually evolves, new artists can forge paths to a better, more inclusive, and sustainable future. We are proud to introduce the 100 recipients of the 2023 Prince Claus Seed Awards and celebrate emerging socially engaged artists and cultural practitioners who harness the transformative power of culture to create lasting positive change in their local communities. 

The 2023 Prince Claus Seed Awards recognise 100 emerging artists from more than 60 different countries, each of whom addresses pressing issues in their local communities. Spanning a wide range of mediums and addressing a diversity of social concerns—from gender equality and racial justice to rights to freedom of expression and the impacts of climate change—embodying the spirit of innovation, social engagement, and fearless experimentation.

The Prince Claus Seed Awards are presented annually and offer recognition and financial support of 5,000 euros for recipients to use at their own discretion. They allow emerging artists to explore new perspectives and develop their practice on their own terms while providing access to an inspiring international network.

Meet the 100 impressive artists from around the world who are imagining new realities. Because culture is a basic need for human progress.

Prince Claus Seed Awards were made partially possible by the British Council and the Ing Yoe Tan Fund.

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