This Prince Claus Seed Awards is partially made possible by the Ing Yoe Tan Fund

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Ing Yoe Tan was a remarkable woman who championed emancipation, care and culture. She was a Dutch citizen of Chinese descent. Soon after she was born in The Hague in 1948, the family moved to Surabaya, Indonesia, where they stayed until she was fourteen. During her law studies, Ing Yoe Tan became politically active, as Chair of the multi-ethnic women’s network of the Social Democratic Party, resulting in her being elected to the Senate of the Dutch Parliament from 1999 to 2011. Her portfolio included domestic affairs, culture and Aruban matters. For 18 years she worked as a senior consultant for a large Dutch consultancy firm actively supported the culture sector through board and advisory role positions. 

Growing up in different cultures that share history and conflict, was an experience that shaped her. She had a keen eye for the power of diversity in multi-ethnic societies. Her career took her to influential positions in politics, education, culture and healthcare. She stood for a just society and was renowned for her enthusiasm, combined with critical and analytical involvement. She was surrounded by an extended family and a large group of friends. 

Ing Yoe Tan died in Amsterdam 2020 from Covid-19. She will be missed by many. She entrusted her legacy to the Prince Claus Fund, to support Prince Claus Seed Awards recipients in the next ten years, to strive for a world where cultural expression is free and valued.