About the Next Generation

The Next Generation programme works with and for young people (now aged 15 - 30). It works to encourage them to be creative, confident and to be open-minded towards others. The programme relies on the Prince Claus Fund’s extensive network and builds on the Fund’s 20 years of experience and successful approaches to supporting artists and cultural organisations around the world.

The aims of the Next Generation programme are to facilitate their exploration of alternative narratives, to promote learning through exchange in safe spaces. The Next Generation programme will:

Provide long-term support to creative (youth) organisations: In order to offer safe, nurturing spaces where young people from different backgrounds can come together, meet, talk and use art and culture to explore issues that concern them, the Next Generation Programme offers support for a period of 3 years to 12 outstanding arts and cultural organisations that work with and for youth. This long-term support allows them to develop programmes that can become sustainable.

Develop a network: organisations receiving Next Generation support will benefit by learning from each other. Exchange will be facilitated through bi-annual meetings and support for joint projects.

Offer grants for exploring alternative narratives: Through open calls, the Next Generation programme will offer grants for the development, production and dissemination of cultural initiatives that provide new ways of thinking about such issues as gender, diversity and inclusion. Calls will be issued by region. Grantees will be selected on the basis of the relevance, originality, quality and viability of their project.

Present an annual award: The Next Generation encouragement award will be presented to an individual or group of individuals up to 35 years old, whose work is exemplary. The laureate will be a role model for innovative cultural work in the themes of the Next Generation programme. The Next Generation Laureate will take part in the Prince Claus Fund’s Awards programme, attending both the ceremony in the Netherlands and one in their home country. The inaugural Next Generation Award was presented in December 2018 to Dada Masilo.

Support academic research: The Prince Claus Fund believes profoundly that culture can make a positive contribution to peaceful, inclusive societies. As this impact is especially relevant to future generations, the Next Generation will support in-depth academic research in the countries where the partners of the Prince Claus Fund operate, to document the role of arts and culture in the lives of youth, and their communities.

Create links with Dutch young people: The Prince Claus Fund believes in the positive value of creative exchange for all people. The constructive activities and narratives developed by youth in other places can offer inspiration to young people here, and vice versa. Therefore, the Next Generation programme will organise activities that inform and engage young people living in the Netherlands in the activities of Next Generation participants in other countries.

A Note on our geographical focus: The Next Generation programme is financed wholly by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which supports projects in OECD’s DAC listed countries.