From Rites to Rights: Imagining Ecologies of Tomorrow

In collaboration with Framer Framed, we are thrilled to present From Rites to Rights: Imagining Ecologies of Tomorrow. On 12 April, 17.30, join us at a public event featuring the cohort of Cycle 3 of the Mentorship Award: CAREC that invites us to envision alternative models of climate justice.


Sofía Acosta-Varea in collaboration with Llego Films and Archivo Visual Amazónico. Image based on a still from the video art piece 'El Oriente es un Mito' (2022)

Our understandings of the non-human are strongly influenced and changed by life experience, geography, and culture. These personal and fragmented perspectives play a crucial role in how we coexist with the world around us – creating relations with a more-than-human world which is inherently ‘natural’ to our planet and at the same time inextricably shaped by human interventions and perspectives.

From Rites to Rights: Imagining Ecologies of Tomorrow brings together the Cycle 3 cohort of CAREC to reflect on cultural constructs of the non-human and how these are changing in the age of climate catastrophe. The cohort’s 12 artists and 5 mentors hail from across the world, and each practitioner’s work engages with human–non-human relationships in distinct ways. 

For some, this process involves nurturing a sense of spirituality or ancestral practice closely tied to the well-being of the Earth. For others, the focus falls on future technologies. Within the group, these varying processes of engaging with ecosystems converge, and perspectives and experiences from the past intersect with future possibilities. The encounter of various practices and sources of knowledge guides us in our collective imagining of the more-than-human worlds of tomorrow and fostering more sustainable and ecological futures.



Welcome | 17.30 - 18.00

Non-human, Rites, and Rights | 18:00 - 18:45 

A conversation about how and why we as humans select particular aspects of an ecosystem to understand our positionality within it and as the basis for ritual practices – influencing our behaviors and reinforcing cultural relationships and values. Moderator: Brigitte Baptiste

Habitat to a Plant | 18:45 - 19:30 

A conversation about how artists, acting as 'ecological narrators', envision and influence our perception of habitats and our relationships with humans and ‘extra-humans’ at various scales and in various forms. Moderator: Benji Boyadgian

Rituals for the Emerging Natures | 19:30 - 20:00 

A collective performance by the Cycle 3 cohort.


The event is free but requires registration. Please RSVP via the link below!


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Framer Framed is a platform for contemporary art, visual culture, and critical theory and practice. With the belief that critical and contextualised programming is best explored with an open door and low threshold, Framer Framed’s public programs are always free of charge and resources are made readily available to emerging and established local and transnational communities, artists, and curators to turn their own ideas into tangible realities.


Cultural & Artistic Responses to the Environmental Crisis (CAREC) is a Prince Claus Fund year-long programme aimed at accelerating engaged community-based cultural practices with a focus on climate justice that acknowledges the social, political and economic dimensions of the environmental crisis. Through this programme, we support critical artistic work, stimulate cross-disciplinary exchange, and centre non-hegemonic forms of knowledge to envision alternative models of climate justice.

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