Venuri Perera

Venuri perera portrait Luka Alagiyawanna 1

by Luka Alagiyawanna

Venuri Perera is a choreographer, performance artist, curator, and educator from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Through exploring the power dynamics of looking, she attempts to destabilise how we perceive the "other". Searching for ways to create conditions for compassion in her life and work, failing and unlearning, she remains curiously optimistic. Venuri's solo and collaborative works deal with violent nationalism, patriarchy, border rituals, colonial heritage, and class. They have been in festivals and biennales across Europe, South and East Asia, the Middle East, and Africa since 2010.  

Venuri has collaborated in multi-disciplinary performance projects locally and internationally since 2004. A graduate of DAS (Arts) Theatre, she holds an MA in Psychology (Pune ‘06)  and a PostGraduate: Dance in Community (Laban ’08) She was a member of the Chitrasena Dance Company and has conceived and curated the programmes of the Colombo Dance Platform (‘16-’20, Goethe-Institut). Venuri is also a founding member of The Packet Collective.