Sankhara by Hania Mariam Luthufi

Hania Luthufi0

Sankhara (Saṅkhāra) which in Pali and Sanskrit means "formations or phenomena in the sea of impermanence", is a rolling collective of musicians whose sound interprets folk melodies and ragas from Southeast Asia. 

The members of this collective are many and scattered around the world. The yearning to push musical boundaries beyond classical and traditional brings them together, at times as a duo, trio, or quartet, and even as larger orchestral ensembles.

This performance is a convergence of melodic motifs and traditional drumming patterns of the Southeast Asian region with Vairavapillai Venilaan on Mridangam, Uvindu Perera on Double Bass, Sujeewa Ranasingha on Esraj, Hania Mariam Luthufi on Vocals, and a guest musician on Tabla.

Composed and arranged by Hania Mariam Luthufi.

The programme is open to the public and takes place on 5 December, 17:00–21:00 (UTC+5:30) at the Lunuganga Estate in Bentota, Sri Lanka. The programme is developed in collaboration with Geoffrey Bawa Trust.