Eligibility Criteria

Cultural & Artistic Responses to the Environmental Crisis

Basic Criteria 

Successfully submitted applications are first reviewed based on the Basic Criteria for the Mentorship Award: Cultural and Artistic Responses to the Environmental Crisis before being evaluated by the external advisors and selection committee.

The application and/or applicant are not eligible for this call for application if they:

  • Do not fit the country criteria;

The applicant is only eligible to apply if they are from and based in one of the Prince Claus Fund eligible countries

  • Has received a Prince Claus Mentorship Awards before;  

If the applicant has received a Mentorship Award from the Prince Claus Fund, they are ineligible to reapply. However, if the applicant has previously been granted the Cultural and Artistic Responses to Environmental Change grant, prior to its transformation into the mentorship format, the Seed Awards, or any other forms of support aside from mentorship programmes, they are welcome to apply. 

  • No clear artistic or cultural component;

The applicant has provided minimal to no information about how their practice and project are primarily channeled through artistic or cultural developments.

  • No clear engagement with the environmental crisis and climate justice;

The applicant has provided little to no information about how their artistic practice critically engages with environmental issues relevant to their local context.

  • No clear community engagement approach;

The proposed body of work does not refer to and/or involve the community (or communities) affected by the socio-environmental challenges the applicant aims to engage with.

  • Does not fit career criteria;

The applicant lacks prior experience in working with environmental themes. Additionally, they may have less than eight years or more than 15 years of experience.

  • Application incomplete;

The applicant has not submitted all required information/materials for the application to be considered for further assessment.

  • Not an individual application;

Application is not from an individual artist, but from organisation/collective.

  • Application submitted in a language other than English.

The application form, CV, and the Pitch (video and audio) must be in English. Supporting materials such as a portfolio and links can be submitted in your language of preference.

Criteria for Selection

If the applicant meets the Basic Criteria for this application, their submission will be reviewed by external advisors and the selection committee considering the points below:

Original: the work is innovative and artistically interesting;

Transformative: the work engages with pressing social and political issues, is challenging and thought-provoking, and aims to create lasting change;

Context-specific: the work is important in, and relevant to, the local context;

Inclusive: the work is linked to the ultimate aim of more inclusive societies, connecting people in ways that resist marginalisation, oppression, and division;

Impactful: the award will make a real difference to the professional development, engagement and impact of the individual's practice;

Potential to accelerate: the individual has the potential to become a leader in the field, the work is engaged and focused on relevant social issues within its context.


If you have any questions along the way, please refer to our FAQ or e-mail Victoria Harari, the Programmes Coordinator for this Mentorship Award, at [email protected].