Marvi Mazhar

Marvi Mazhar Profile

Marvi Mazhar is an architect and researcher whose practice combines visual culture, spatial advocacy, and interventions. She serves on several advisory boards in government and non-profit organizations. Recently, Marvi completed her master’s degree at Goldsmiths, University of London (2021) and in 2022  she started teaching at the Indus Valley School of Art & architecture (IVSAA) in the M.Phil. Programme, Pedagogies of Place. 

Marvi's present ongoing research focuses on the representation and production of Karachi’s urban and rural coastal periphery and its ecology. She recently co-edited the book "Architecture for the Future" (2023, MIT Publication) with Elke Krasny and Angelika Fritz. Marvi is currently working in Kyrgyzstan on thirteen heritage sites as lead architect, focusing on developing infrastructural and management connectivity.