The Arab Human Development Report Egypt/Pan-Arab

This report is outstanding in that it gathers together data and statistics from all the Arab countries providing, for the first time, a comparative and critical analysis of development issues in those countries. Aspects of Arab culture that have been separated ideologically are brought together and the recommendations that are proposed challenge existing policies. Written entirely by Arab academics and professionals, coordinated by Nader Fergany (from Egypt) supported by an expert group of advisors chaired by Rima Khalaf Hunaidi, and produced with UNDP support, the Report promotes the notion of self-examination. It offers comprehensive information and a broad perspective on issues such as education, women’s status, health and economics. It directly confronts taboos and states that open debate and scientific research and education are the way to move forward. The Arab Human Development Report sets the agenda for development in the Arab world for the next 50 years. The award will be an incentive in the Arab world for more open research and discussion, will counteract the culture of avoidance of debate, and will bring culture to the centre of development in the Arab world. The Report is in line with the Fund’s aim to create spaces of freedom.