Rogelio Salmona Malaysia

Rogelio Salmona is an architect and a classic representative of Latin American modernism. He plays a leading role in the research by the group of avant-garde Colombian architects who go ‘back to the future’ He looks for typologies which can be regarded as depositaries of an identity and then seeks to recreate this identity, in order to obtain a contemporary form of architecture. He is a master of the interaction between architecture and its context; he shows great respect for the character of traditional architecture on his continent and for its environment, natural or otherwise, thus contradicting modernist arrogance. Nature and light play a determining role in his designs, as part of a heritage that must be used and incorporated. In the light of the unbridled, unorganised expansion which has taken place in Latin American cities during this century, one of his major concerns is the quality and rehabilitation of urban life and the development of Latin American architecture and urban design.