Chimurenga South Africa/Cameroon

Chimurenga (“Struggle for Freedom”) is a Pan-African publication on culture, art and politics. It is an innovative platform for free ideas and political reflection by Africans about Africa. Its founder, the writer and DJ Ntone Edjabe, grew up in Cameroon, studied in Nigeria and is now based in South Africa. Chimurenga is published each month online and is distributed two to three times a year both in Africa and elsewhere. The Chimurenga Library, a unique collection of independent African cultural magazines, is available online and also in the form of a travelling exhibition. Chimurenga frequently collaborates with other media such as the Pan-African Space Station, which comprises a series of performances and radio broadcasts that focus on new African music. Ntone Edjabe and Chimurenga are honoured for the outstanding quality, originality and impact of their productions, for challenging established definitions and segregations of knowledge and expression, for stimulating Pan African culture and development in a global context of rising xenophobia, and for their unwavering commitment to intellectual autonomy, diversity and freedom.

2011 Prince Claus Awards Book here.