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Image taken by Akash Dutt at Funding Demystified's launch event.

Seeking funding through grant applications can be a complex and daunting process for many emerging artists. To address these challenges, the Prince Claus Fund is excited to introduce Funding Demystified, an application-writing handbook and guide for a multi-day workshop based around practical tips and tricks. The content and structure of the handbook were built through a series of workshops in collaboration with spaces in Lebanon, Indonesia and Colombia. Alongside the full publication script, and suggestions for how to use it, you will find workshop slides and a separate homework exercise. 

Focused on general project grant processes, rather than the Fund's specific application guidelines, the handbook is designed to enable experienced cultural organisers, emerging artists working collectively or practitioners working independently to navigate diverse funding infrastructures and to allow them to replicate the workshop for the needs of their communities.

Organised into five modules complemented by interactive group exercises, feedback sessions and an individual homework exercise, the handbook covers results frameworks, writing, budgets and reports. It offers a structured journey into understanding the funding applications process.

Rather than presenting a singular, authoritative text, we encourage the adaptation and translation of this handbook to meet different needs. We hope that over time it can evolve into a series of locally relevant resources through creative contributions. 

If you are interested in creating a translated or adapted version of the text, please reach out to Laura Alexander, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Coordinator, at [email protected] to receive a plaintext version of the publication.