Cultural Emergency Response

Cultural Emergency Response (CER) provides 'first aid' to cultural heritage threatened, damaged or destroyed by conflict or disaster. 

Egyptian Hertiage Rescue Team  Courtesy Prince Claus Fund Deborah Stolk

CER acts as a ‘cultural ambulance’ and provides quick financial support to local actors to stabilize the situation, prevent further damage, and implement basic repairs to save cultural heritage under threat. Relying on its international network for the identification of cultural emergencies, CER seeks to implement its cultural relief actions in direct cooperation with local partners in the affected communities. 

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CER aims to create a strong and inclusive heritage protection sector and focuses on strengthening local capacities to protect and respond in emergencies. Besides supporting and coordinating first aid initiatives, CER trains and links local heritage stewards in disaster prevention, protection and rescue, establishing regional hubs for heritage expertise, and advocating for the importance of protecting heritage in crisis situations. To do so, CER works closely with like-minded organisations. 

Download The First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis Handbook here.

CER was established in 2003 by the Prince Claus Fund. As of July 1st, 2022, it will continue as an independent organisation to grow its efforts for the protection of heritage under threat. The official launch of CER as an independent organisation will be celebrated on 13 and 14 October 2022 in Amsterdam, together with the Prince Claus Fund, partners, and its international network. More information on CER and the event will follow soon.