Cultural Emergency Response

Cultural Emergency Response (CER) coordinates and supports locally-led protection of cultural heritage under threat. 

Egyptian Hertiage Rescue Team  Courtesy Prince Claus Fund Deborah Stolk

As a ‘cultural ambulance,’ CER provides quick and flexible first aid support in immediate response to disaster or conflict situations, always doing so in direct cooperation with local actors in the affected communities.

CER invests in the capacities of its partners through exchange, training, and sharing expertise to prepare with them for future crisis situations. With their work, CER also aims to make global heritage protection more inclusive, sustainable and locally-led, notably by training heritage experts, sharing expertise and experience, and advocating for the recognition of cultural heritage rescue as a crucial aspect of humanitarian relief, recovery, development and peacebuilding.

Need help now? Apply for emergency support on their website.

CER was established in 2003 by the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development in direct response to the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas and the looting of the Iraq museum. The Prince Claus Fund, which honours and supports artists and cultural practitioners around the world, had long recognised that supporting cultural expression should also include protecting expressions from the past. Envisioned to grow and evolve into an independent entity from the start, CER has since established itself as a leader in the cultural heritage rescue field with a range of activities supplementary to its original remit as a cultural ambulance. As of July 2022, CER is operating as an independent entity. Both organisations remain close allies in championing culture as a basic need, and the Prince Claus Fund will always remain an important part of the legacy and identity of CER. We not only share deeply rooted values, but also the belief in fighting for a world in which culture, in all its diversity, is valued, protected and supported.