Aziz Sohail

Aziz Pic2023

Aziz Sohail is a Pakistani-born curator and writer. Their research and resultant projects honour and recognise the power of queer and feminist collectivity, sociability, joy and wayward encounter.

Since 2020, with The Many Headed Hydra, Aziz has been co-leading a language where yesterday are the same word. Kal., a trans-oceanic platform supporting practices enacting queer pasts/futures and de-colonial ecologies in South Asia and post-migrant Europe. The platform has had residencies and presentations in Berlin, Karachi, Colombo, and Philadelphia as well as a radio channel and a series of workshops and publications. Aziz’s other projects include Archival Intimacies: Queering South/East Asian Diasporas (2022), at the ONE Archives/USC Pacific Asia Museum, Los Angeles, co-organised with Alexis Bard Johnson; Very Very Sweet Medina: Artistic Innovation in 1990s Karachi (2019) at the Sharjah Art Foundation, co-organised with Bani Abidi; and The World that Belongs to Us (2023), at The New Art Gallery Walsall, England. They are currently a PhD Student in Curatorial Practice at Monash University.