Xiangyu Long Seed Awards recipient

Xiangyu Long Profile
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  • Indigenous rights
  • Free expression/civil society
  • Sexual/queer expression


  • Photography
  • Film
  • Media/Journalism


  • China (People's Republic of)
Xiangyu Long is a Tibetan photographer based in Chengdu and Shanghai. After half a decade of administration career in Southern African region, he moved to Spain and pursued photography. In 2019, the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Art awarded him with scholarship for documentary photography studies, upon which completion he returned to his birthplace to document the changes that Tibetan Plateau is going through. His work focuses on the superimposition and metamorphosis of group identities under the scope of globalization and homogenization. Through his lens, Erv Kig hopes to add a local voice to the already complex archives of Tibetan representation.
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