Pamina Sebastio Seed Awards recipient

Pamina Sebastião Profile
Fucking Globo Installation
Digitalizacao 9


  • Racial justice
  • Gender equality
  • Sexual/queer expression
  • Other(s)


  • Artistic Research
  • Performance
  • Visual Art


  • Angola
Pamina Sebastio is a multidisciplinary visual artivist based in Luanda, Angola. Their work involves text, film, photography, and collage, often interrogating coloniality in Luanda context while imagining new forms of existence. They co-founded the Angolan Identity Archive, an LBTQI+ feminist collective and has been part of several LGBTQI+ organizations, including the Feminist Ondjango, the LINKAGES Angola team, and The Other Foundation. Pamina has been an activist on gender and sexuality for many years, focusing on stigma and discrimination as well as sexual and reproductive health and rights.