Othiniel Musonza Seed Awards recipient

Musonza Profile Photo


  • Racial justice
  • Indigenous rights
  • Gender equality
  • Free expression/civil society
  • Sexual/queer expression


  • Photography
  • Artistic Research
  • Film
  • Music
  • Performance
  • Sound Art
  • Video Art


  • Zimbabwe

Othiniel Musonza, who goes by the name Oxzy, is a rapper based in Zimbabwe. Producing music in Ndebele, English, and Shona languages, Oxzy has performed at numerous events. As an arts leader at Smile Action International, he has worked to empower people living with disabilites. Besides this, he has also participated in the Virtualcypher music incubator by Prince Claus Fund NextGen partner Magamba Network, where he produced the song "Musacheme" about gender-based violence. A socially conscious artist, Oxzy uses music to voice issues affecting communities around him.