Marianne Fahmy Seed Awards recipient

Photo Marianne Fahmy 1
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  • Environment/Climate emergency
  • Reexamining history


  • Artistic Research
  • Film
  • Visual Art


  • Egypt
Marianne Fahmy is a visual artist based in Alexandria, Egypt. She earned a BA in Painting before studying at Mass Alexandria Independent Art Program in 2016, and now works with film and installations in order to focus on the history of people, architecture and language. Her work has been featured internationally, most recently in the 2021 Mediterranea 19 Young Artists Biennial in Italy and she has won several grants in 2017 and 2018. Her projects address the dream of new land or alternative space, where the notion of nationalism and identity is tackled. She aims to question the functionality of existing cities and propose alternatives for a new beginning by reexamining history.
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