Isadora Romero Mentorship Awards recipient

Isadora Portrait
Isadora Romero 01
001 La sangre es una semilla


  • Cultural and Artistic Responses to Environmental Change


  • Photography
  • Artistic Research
  • Film
  • Media/Journalism
  • Video Art
  • Visual Art


  • Ecuador
Isadora Romero is an Ecuadorian visual storyteller based in Quito. Her work focuses on human identities, gender, and environmental issues. Isadora is the co-founder of Ruda Colectiva, a collective of Latin American women and nod binary photographers. She was selected for the Joop Swart Masterclass 2020 and the Magnum Foundation Photography and Social Justice Fellowship 2021 and her works have been shown in different countries in the Americas and Europe. In addition, she is an educator and speaker across Latin America and directed a photographer residence in Chile in 2019. She headed the Women photograph chapter in Quito and is a member of Diversify Photo and part of the #Everyday Projects.