Chantell Hassan Mentorship Awards recipient

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Queering The Church 2
A Brincadeira do Voto Onde Somos o Brinquedo


  • Building Beyond


  • Performance
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  • Mozambique

Chantell Hassan is an interdisciplinary artist based in Beira, Mozambique. Chantell seamlessly merges performance, installation, and spoken word in her artistic expression, and her primary focus revolves around decolonizing art, simplifying contemporary forms, and extending art accessibility to local communities. 

Through extensive research and collaborative efforts, Chantell aims to break down elitist barriers, fostering inclusive dialogues. She intricately weaves personal narratives and collective experiences into her performances, while her installations serve as conduits for shared memories, inviting profound emotional and intellectual connections. She employs performance as a vital tool for audience engagement, utilising spoken word and interactive elements to ignite dialogue and foster shared understanding. Her vision extends through her organization, Kayisaana, an artist initiative aiming to create valuable opportunities for artists and children through art education. Her latest project will be extending to economically disadvantaged areas using public installations.  

Charging A Space