ArchiAfrika Network Partner

ArchiAfrika was founded in 2001 by a group of architects who, through the development of educational opportunity and economic growth on the continent, were eager to re-define the urban landscape of the African city.

For the past ten years, ArchiAfrika has been publishing a newsletter, hosting bi-annual conferences and creating a platform for the exchange of news and information on African design. Since 2010, ArchiAfrika’s board has been led by five renown architects/designers; namely Joe Osae-Addo  (Ghana), Abdelmoumen Benabdeljalil (Morocco), Ola Uduku (Nigeria/UK), Karel Bakker (South Africa), Judith Aidoo (Ghana) and Berend van der Lans (Netherlands). In 2013, the group moved its headquarters from the Netherlands to Accra, Ghana.

The goal of ArchiAfrika is to promote and bring together African design worldwide; through the exchange of information and news on African architecture, design and culture. Another objective of the organization is to contribute to the dialogue on the built environment in Accra by hosting monthly discussion series with leading thinkers, industry leaders and creative people. As well as to create a network among African architecture schools, in order to share ideas, resources and vision for architectural and design professions.

Together with the Prince Claus Fund, ArchiAfrika will develop Creative Force: a three year program taking place annually in Accra, Ghana, which engages young design professionals under the age of 25 in the development process of the African city. The young professionals – graduates of architectural and design schools across the continent and worldwide – will annually work with the municipal authorities, for a period of 3-6 months, to produce clever design solutions for complex urban problems in Africa.

The Creative Force program is composed of the following activities: gathering ideas from the general public through digital platforms that demonstrate needs for design interventions in the city; design briefs for public spaces, done in cooperation between designers, authorities and community members; raising funds for the winning designs to be realized; and a guide for replication of successful design interventions.

Film: Joe Osae-Addo on ArchiAfrika