Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art (TICA) Network Partner

The Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art (TICA) is an independent organization dedicated to the development of excellence in contemporary art and cultural forms in Albania. It started as the first centre for contemporary art in Tirana offering a much needed platform for Albanian and international contemporary art in Albania, and a forum for discussions and debates about art and society. An important feature of TICA’s program is its international Artist in Residency program - the first structure to offer support and encouragement to young artists, enabling cross-cultural exchange in the Balkan region and beyond. TICA is also the only institution to offer continuous support for artistic production, while a great awareness and a strong engagement in gender-related questions and concerns permeates not only its activities, but also TICA’s organization as a whole. Thus TICA is an attempt to reintroduce culture as a way in pushing for critical thinking in relation to our contemporary condition and to create an independent platform for socio-politically engaged art.

Film: Edi Muka on Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art (TICA)