Panel Two Education

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As part of the 2023 Mobile Lab Egypt programme, the second panel of the symposium focuses on Education: the skills and knowledge needed to engage with the built environment should be rooted in methods developed in practice and synthesized into methodologies that become the basis for applied education. Participating in this panel are design researcher and architect, Jiaxin Yan Gong; architect, DJ, and 2022 Prince Claus Seed Awardee, Thelma Nbdele (DORMANTYOUTH); journalist and co-founder and chief editor of Mada Masr, Lina Atallah; and Senegalese centre for art, knowledge, and society, RAW Material Company.

This panel is part of the 2023 Mobile Lab Egypt public symposium programme and takes place on 16 September, 12:30-14:00 (GMT+3) at Salah al-Din Citadel in Cairo, Egypt. The programme is developed in collaboration with African Architecture Matters, Megawra—Built Environment Collective, and Tahayyuz (an alliance formed by Megawra, 10 Tooba, and Mansour for Architecture and Conservation). 


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