Tamana Ayazi Filmmaker

It is very hard to live in a man-controlled community where women are treated like sex objects rather than human beings. I am very excited to meet elite young filmmakers of Afghanistan and Pakistan, exchange values and thoughts and collaborate with them on issues that’ll strengthen human rights and women’s participation.

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Tamana Ayazi

Young Afghan Filmmaker

Female filmmakers are extremely rare in Afghanistan. Religious extremism still exerts great pressure on what women dare to do and say. But Tamana Ayazi (age 25) remains undeterred. She started out studying business administration at university, but when she was 20 she began making films. Issues she’s interested in include women, children, education, war and discrimination. Her plan is to use film, along with photography and writing, to advocate for freedom of thought and human rights. But she doesn’t only want to focus on negative stories; she wants to document positive developments, too. Tamana wants to explore other cultures to give her insights into real stories elsewhere, and to make films that appeal to an international audience. For Tamana, acceptance into the programme Film Talents - Voices from Pakistan and Afghanistan a dream come true. The Prince Claus Fund together with the Goethe Institute have initiated a series of five workshops lead by international professionals where Tamana is being mentored along with other young, emerging filmmakers from the region.