Silvio Lang


Silvio Lang is an Argentinian artist based in Buenos Aires. He is dedicated to stage direction, cultural production, theoretical writing, teaching, and artistic collaborations in stage practices. He has directed "Tango Nómade, Querido Ibsen: soy Nora", "Meyerhold: freakshow del infortunio del teatro", and "Salón Skeffington", among other stage creations and performative actions. 

Silvio was a founding member of the collectives ORGIE-Organización Grupal de Investigación Escénica, Comparsa Drag, Princesas del Asfalto, Escuela de Técnicas Colectivas and Escena Política. He was an academic collaborator and cultural producer of the programme "Lectura Mundi" of the UNSAM-Universidad Nacional de San Martín. He is currently the artistic director and curator of the Choreographic Creation Residency Programme "Transducciones". He also teaches on the Postgraduate Programme in Contemporary Artistic Practices at the Mauricio Kagel Arts Institute of the UNSAM and coordinates the Laboratory of Scenic Creation and Performative Theory.