Selly Raby Kane Senegal


Selly Raby Kane is a renowned Senegalese fashion designer and artist involved in Africa’s booming art and design movement.  In addition to her work in fashion, she develops other transdisciplinary projects as the immersive exhibition Elsewhen - a science fiction that reflects on the future of the urban life in an imaginary African city, presented in Dakar Biennale 2016. In 2017 Kane also directed The Other Dakar, a 7-minute VR film that accompanies a little girl in the discovery of the mystical Dakar. The Other Dakar is an oneiric ballad through the urban Dakar and Senegalese mythology, featured in Berlinale, the Virtual arcade of the Tribeca Film Festival, MIT Open Doc Lab's DocuBase. The Other Dakar was named the best narrative VR film of the Tribeca Film Festival by The Verge.

Selly Raby Kane's latest creation is a short film imbued with magic called TangJër. The 13-minute long film happens inside of a typical street restaurant in which an eclectic community shares its perspectives on life. TangJër calls for us to rethink what our definition of a community is.