100 Prince Claus Seed Awards Recipients Announced

The Prince Claus Fund is proud to announce 100 Prince Claus Seed Awards recipients - inspiring new artists and cultural practitioners who are making a difference.

For culture to thrive, new artists need a chance to break through barriers, experiment, find their path and gain momentum. We are proud to announce a selection of future trendsetters, a hundred artists to follow. The Prince Claus Seed Awards recipients were selected from over 1,500 applicants. Their socially engaged work addresses pressing issues in their local contexts and covers a diversity of themes, from gender equality and racial justice to freedom of expression and the impacts of climate change. They come from 65 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe and work in a wide range of disciplines and combinations of disciplines.

The three categories of Prince Claus Awards: Seed, Mentorship and Impact Awards are designed to support artists and cultural practitioners in different ways at crucial stages in their professional careers. Prince Claus Seed Awards offer an early career boost that can make a difference in the long run. The Fund facilitates beneficial connections and exchanges for recipients and they are free to use the 5,000 euro Award at their own discretion to further their practice.


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