Samir El Kordy

Samir El Kordy is an architect based in Cairo, Egypt, working with the belief that architecture is not a hermetic domain but a flexible discipline that responds to cultural contexts and radically changing environments. 

Samir's designs are approached as a collaborative process resembling a workshop. It is a less formal method that encourages its multidisciplinary dynamics in the junction between design, art, architecture, and urban planning. The projects rely on collaborations between partners of diverse backgrounds. This allows the work to be based on research remaining connected to practice and critically engaged with the cultural contemporary condition and the political environment in which it operates. 

Samir El Kordy developed work in a wide spectrum of fields such as object design, research, architecture, urban design, and art exhibition design. He has worked for OMA/Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam, and Herzog & de Meuron in Basel. In Cairo, El Kordy has realized a number of projects and has collaborated with CDC/Abdel Halim Ibrahim in major architectural initiatives in Egypt and the Arab Region. 

His practice includes a range of realized architectural and urban, theoretical, research-based projects in New York, Paris, Munich, London, Rotterdam, Saint Louis, Saint Petersburg, Dubai, Ibb, Riyadh, and Cairo. El Kordy was the design architect for the exhibition at Haus der Kunst, Munich “The Future of Tradition and The Tradition of Future” 2010-2011. He was in the think tank creative group of developing concepts and strategies for the City of Nuremberg, in preparation for the City’s selection as the European Capital of Culture 2025, Nuremberg, Germany.