CALL FOR PROPOSALS Promotion and Preservation of Haitian Arts & Culture

Vibrance at Ayikodans at the Adrienne Arsht Center Photo by Carl Juste

The Prince Claus Fund announces an Open Call for Proposals specifically aimed at cultural initiatives that foster, preserve and promote Haitian culture in its broadest sense with, where possible, a specific focus on Vodou art and culture. We invite individua artists, collectives or cultural organisations living, registered and working in Haiti to present their ideas that seek preservation, appreciation and production of cultural works in Haiti.

In a world where media plays an important role of shaping public’s perception of foreign countries, Haiti is often portrayed in association with poverty and disasters. This limited view of the country hides other diverse aspects of its society and communities. The everyday life of Haitians, their cultural practices and religious traditions often go unnoticed or untold. The Prince Claus Fund believes that culture and the arts of a country give a more nuanced picture of a place and its people. In Haiti, culture and arts have been a major player in showcasing the diversity of the country, its people and its cultural heritage.

We are specifically looking to support initiatives that:

  • Offer different perspectives on Haitian culture and Vodou than those usually shown in the media
  • Encourage out of the box cultural projects by artists and cultural practitioners that re-interpret common (mis)conceptions within Haiti, and create space for multiple points of view
  • Stimulate and inspire communities to actively engage with cultural heritage

Projects would be selected based on their quality, innovation, expected social impact and their relevance to the context. We especially encourage projects that give focus to the themes of Vodou practice, arts and culture.

The Prince Claus Fund will support initiatives within the average allocation of €15.000 – €20.000.

Applications will be received and accepted by the Prince Claus Fund on a rolling basis. It is therefore recommended to apply as soon as possible. 

Please send concept notes with supporting materials to [email protected]. Only proposals filled out in the concept note form, sent to the email address above will be considered. Applications can be filled in in English or French. All applicants will be contacted with an answer on their concept-note. The applicants of the most promising concept notes will be contacted and provided with information to send in a detailed application form. 


About the Prince Claus Fund: The Prince Claus Fund has a track record of 20 years of excellence in supporting cultural and artistic initiatives in the most challenging spaces. We have been a successful actor and liaison in the arts and culture sectors globally, generating possibilities for critical discussion and boosting creative expression. Because of our track record and autonomy, the Fund is seen as a global leader in supporting independent cultural initiatives of the highest quality with a broad social impact. Additionally, our geographical spread has allowed us to accrue an invaluable, extensive network of local contacts – artists, cultural practitioners, institutions and experts.

Photo: Vibrance at Ayikodans at the Adrienne Arsht Center. © Carl Juste.