Since its establishment in 1996, the Prince Claus Fund has offered annual Awards in recognition of outstanding achievement in the fields of culture and development. This we have done as part of our mandate to support, connect and celebrate artists and cultural practitioners working under pressure in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe. We stand firm with those who create, who believe in the transformative power of culture, who advance new ideas and develop new perspectives.

Today we continue with this same mission, and since 2021 our Awards have become the centre of our work. The Prince Claus Awards are designed to fit the needs of cultural practitioners and artists around the world and strengthen our impact as they focus on recognising individuals at crucial moments in their careers. To achieve this the Prince Claus Fund gives out three different Awards, each aimed at a different stage of development. Our Awards are designed to reinforce individual careers by promoting growth and experimentation, and aim to foster sustainability in creative practices throughout our focus regions.

The three Awards are: the Prince Claus Seed Awards, the Prince Claus Mentorship Awards and the Prince Claus Impact Awards. 


Once every two years, the Prince Claus Fund recognises six trailblazing artists and cultural practitioners with Impact Awards. The Impact Awards, each with a value of €50.000, are awarded to individuals whose cultural actions have a positive impact on their societies, and highlight significant contributions in regions where resources or opportunities for cultural expression are limited. With the Impact Awards we recognise artists who are becoming excellent role models, whose work has a positive impact on their societies and who deserve greater recognition.


The Prince Claus Fund maintains a broad view of culture open to all artistic and cultural disciplines. Our Awards are presented to artists and cultural practitioners in recognition of both the excellent quality of their work and their positive contribution on the development of their society. These individuals are emerging leaders in their field and have shown transformative power, consistent dedication and engagement within their contexts and beyond. Their diverse practices are of high quality, innovative and artistically inspiring, offer new perspectives, and deal in new and creative ways with pressing social and/or political issues.  Candidates are only eligible if they are from and working in our focus countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe.

Outstanding quality is a given for the Prince Claus Impact Award. We assess the quality through the professional and personal contexts and the positive influence on culture and society. The Prince Claus Impact Awards recognise artistic and intellectual qualities, experimentation and innovation, audacity and tenacity. They seek to foster inspirational leadership and to enhance the positive impact of cultural expression on societies. 

When assessing and selecting nominations our international and independent Impact Award Jury look for individuals who have: 

  • A high quality, innovative and artistically interesting practice that addresses pressing social/political issues and concerns relevant to their local context;
  • Consistent dedication, engagement and transformative power within their contexts and beyond over a number of years.

Please note that it is not possible to nominate yourself, or a family member.


For our Impact Awards the Prince Claus Fund invites cultural experts from its global network to nominate candidates. An international, independent & interdisciplinary Jury is commissioned to select the final six Impact Award recipients every two years. The Jury is tasked to ensure a balanced and diverse selection in terms of background, geography, gender, discipline, social/political issues addressed etc. The Impact Awards Jury meets three times over a two-year period to consider the profiles and portfolios of the nominated candidates. 

The Prince Claus Fund Impact Award Recipients receive their awards in a ceremony at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam in the presence of members of the Royal Family and an international audience. The awards are also presented to the recipients at ceremonies in their respective countries through our continued cooperation with the Dutch Foreign Ministry.