Apply for Cultural Emergency Response Programme

Is cultural heritage threatened in your area? We may be able to help through our Cultural Emergency Response programme (CER)

Photo 51 Restoration Hafezji Mosque Herat

Please check our criteria to see if you are eligible for support: 

  • Support is primarily given to people and organisations in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Eastern Europe.
  • CER exclusively offers financial means to implement 'first aid' to cultural heritage and is not able to provide the total solution.
  • Proposals can only be taken into consideration if they refer to a man-made or natural disaster or a conflict situation that caused a cultural emergency situation that requires immediate action.
  • Proposals are only accepted if they refer to either concrete material needs, research missions for identifying cultural emergency relief actions, first aid training for salvaging culture, or raising awareness about the damage to culture and heritage in an ongoing crisis.

Do you fit these criteria and seek support? If the answer is yes, then download and complete the form for the Statement of Need below and send it to [email protected].


For more information, please contact Sanne Letschert's picture

Sanne Letschert

Head Cultural Emergency Response