Closed Call Prince Claus Fund Network Partnership Programme

NOTE: the deadline has passed, we are no longer accepting applications to this Call. 

Through the Grants & Collaborations programme the Prince Claus Fund support exceptional organisations with three-year funding through the Network Partnership Grants. The Network Partnership builds on the Prince Claus Fund’s 20 years’ experience in providing long-term financial support for exceptional cultural organisations. 

Over the past years the Fund has supported 35 such organisations in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean through its Network Partnership Grants. Currently, the network consists of 13 cultural organisations. With these organisations we have developed joint programming to create cultural activities within the local context that address issues related to social development.

The objective of the Network Partnership is to:

-        Facilitate a global network that supports local activities of cultural organisations who work on freedom of expression; enabling regular exchange, cooperation and knowledge sharing with other like-minded organisations from other parts of the world;

-        Strengthen the capabilities and structural sustainability of these cultural organisations through financial support and by connecting them to a wider network of the Fund in order to optimise their work, outreach and impact in their regions of operation and beyond;

-        Enable new local cultural initiatives that generate participation, talent development and empower local communities to express themselves.

This year the Fund is accepting applications for the Network Partnership Programme from cultural organisations based and operating in the following Asian countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Myanmar, Nepal, Yemen, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Armenia, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Syrian Arab Republic, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, West Bank and Gaza Strip, Azerbaijan, China, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan.

The Fund works together with successful applicants from the conceptualisation of the partnership activities to the implementation of its projects. It is a partnership which goes beyond financial support and thrives on the creative ideas and dialogue generated between the Fund and its Partners.

The Network Partnership Grant has two main components: 1) the development of a three-year Network Partnership Plan of Activities and 2) participation in the Prince Claus Fund Network Partnership Annual Meetings.

1.    About the Network Partnership Grant (Plan of Activities)

With the Network Partnership Grant, the Fund aims to create a sustainable international network of strong and relevant cultural/arts organisations that enables structural stability for the organisations themselves. This year the Fund is inviting cultural organisations that are based and working on the Asian continent, and that have established track-records and networks, to propose a project plan they would like to carry out over the next 3 years. The Prince Claus Fund seeks to support ground-breaking, innovative cultural initiatives by outstanding cultural organisations that have a positive impact on their communities through the arts.

The Network Partnership Grant is a total funding of 50,000 EUR, to be distributed over 3 years. The organisation may use the Grant for structural support or overhead coverage of the organisation. The organisation may also use the funding for project based support. Project based support involves all aspects in the preparation, provision and production of singular projects. Partners are required to secure additional funding for their proposal, which matches the contribution from the Fund. The co-funding scheme is important because it enables greater co-responsibility, a greater pool of income for activities, and strengthens the prospects for sustainability of the organisation.

One important Criteria:

The co-funding must match the funding provided by the Prince Claus Fund with an own contribution (or funding from other sources) of minimum 50,000 EUR in total over the period of three years. This contribution must be dedicated to activity implementation, and must be cash income for the organisation (not in-kind support). This co-funding structure will be reviewed jointly and annually by the Prince Claus Fund and the successful applicant. The successful grantees will sign a 3-year funding contract, during which time activities are developed that are in line with the following criteria of the Prince Claus Fund: quality, innovation, and relevance to development.

2.    About the Network Partnership Annual Meeting

All Network Partners come together for a joint meeting at least once a year and successful applicants will be expected to take part. At these meetings there are valuable face-to-face exchanges and discussions on issues of joint relevance. Meetings hosted by a partner organisation enable other partners to do local and regional outreach on their work.

These meetings offer more than dialogue, they stimulate possibilities for collaboration across regions, among partners on issues of their own choosing. They enable the building of long lasting relationships among partners and link them to the wider network of the Prince Claus Fund so that local activities can be linked to a global network or organisations doing similar work in other parts of the world.


Deadline to send in Concept Note: Wednesday, 13th February 2019 at 17:00h Amsterdam Time. Please send in filled out Concept Note Forms to [email protected]

Notification of Decision by: end of April 2019

Only shortlisted successful applicants will be asked to submit a detailed application form for the Network Partnership Grant. The exact deadline for this will be communicated directly to the shortlisted applicants.