Dutch Postcode Lottery Supports Culture

The Dutch Postcode Lottery will support the Prince Claus Fund with a donation of 1.305 million euro for a new 2-year project (NEDERLANDS)


In the run up to the Dutch Postcode Lottery’s annual Charity Gala (Goed Geld Gala), coming up on 4 March 2019, the Lottery surprised us with a donation of 1,305,000 euro! This donation will go toward a new project: Amplifying Creative Voices. 

“With this extra amount we can increase the Prince Claus Fund’s impact. The project Amplifying Creative Voices will expand on our core business: support for culture where cultural expression is under pressure. We’re grateful to the participants of the Dutch Postcode Lottery for making this possible. Our warmest thanks.” – Joumana El Zein Khoury, director of the Prince Claus Fund

Thanks to participants of the Dutch Postcode Lottery

The announcement of this donation to the Prince Claus Fund came as part of the lead up to the Goed Geld Gala on 4 March 2019. At the gala, the Lottery will announce the full amount they will donate to charity organisations, thanks to the lottery participants. Half of the investment of lottery participants goes to good causes that support people and nature. Last year a total amount of 357.5 million euros went toward a better world.

Photo: Quinty Trustfull (Dutch Postcode Lottery), Joumana El Zein Khoury (director Prince Claus Fund), Henk Proepper (Chair Prince Claus Fund Board), and Rita Fesshaie (Dutch Postcode Lottery) (c) Roy Beusker Fotografie